Juice rEvolution is owned and operated by Waiheke Island mum Lyndal Jefferies

"Juice rEvolution is about so much more than juicing. It's about my personal evolution and the evolution of the human species through eating higher frequency food. It's about deep healing and detoxification through what we put in our bodies and also fasting and healing our organs with powerful teas and Elixirs. I am delighted to share my powerful healing journey, knowledge and products with those on Waiheke Island and around the world here on my  website."

Lyndal's journey into juicing began 8 years ago after she found herself on her own with 2 children, overweight and depressed and at the same time she lost a school friend to cancer.
She developed her fresh juice and smoothie business from a stall at the Waiheke Market to a funky food trailer which travels to festivals and events around New Zealand including Splore, NZ Spirit and Womad festivals.

Over the past 8 years Lyndal has gained a huge amount of knowledge about herbal medicine, juicing, detoxing and anti-cancer diets. She has studied food as medicine through Monash University, Herbal medicine under Dr Malcolm Harker, Rongoa under Donna Kerridge and she has recently completed a course in Holistic health Coaching and is working as 'The Revolutionary Health Coach' offering consultations, diet plans and health coaching programs.
Through her discoveries she has spent the past 8 years transforming herself into the healthiest version of herself she can possibly be! Completing multiple detoxes, fasts and liver flushes and offers hands on experience to guide you through these processes.

Book in here for a personal coaching session where you can gain valuable information about how to change your diet and heal your body.
You can find information about all the products and services on offer here on the website juicerevolution.nz or email Lyndal directly at waihekejuicerevolution@gmail.com