My brush with the little c

About 2 weeks ago, I itched my belly. There was a scratchy bump. I thought 'it must be a mosquito bite' and carried on. It kept itching, perhaps it was my bodies way of saying "hey pay attention, over here!". When I took a moment to really look at this itchy spot I saw it was a mole and it looked funny... it had a raggedy edge with a dark dry spot or two. I didn't think much of it and figured it would be nothing but I also remembered that I had some Black Salve in the fridge.

I had purchased it from a market stall in Nelson 6 months ago. Spied amongst a home practitioners herbal concoctions I clearly remembered how precious this stuff is. A traditional North American Indian remedy made from Bloodroot, zinc choloride, DMSO and a few other herbs. I had heard about it from a client who had treated multiple skin cancers with it on Waiheke. She told me the guy she had imported it from in South America had been extradited to the States and imprisoned for 3 years for selling it. The drug companies want this stuff quashed!

I had heard that if you put it on and it doesn't react that means there are no cellular issues with a mole i.e cancerous cells but if there is it would react.

I thought 'no harm giving it a go'.

So I popped a tiny mole sized dot on top and put a plaster over it for 24 hours.

It stung and sparked with shooting pains, my belly got red hot as the bloodroot called in my whole immune system to kill off the mutant cells.

Holy fuck did I have Cancer?!

Or maybe just cancer with a little 'c' or maybe just a few mutant cells...

Deep breaths were needed...

Below are the photos I took everyday for 9 days...

Luckily I had the support of Amanda McMillan NZ Black Salve research coordinator to reassure me. It was doing exactly what it was supposed to.

You see black salve is like weedkiller for skin cancer. It goes in and kills off all the mutant cells right down to the roots. Then it helps the body to seal off and eject the dead cells leaving a neat and tidy indent.

In between application and ejection it can take up to 10 days or more.

And it hurts! A bit like a deep burn or boil but its not actually infected you can literally see the white blood cells at work in pics 4 & 5..

All you need to do is grin and bear it and support your immune system and let it do its thang.

My friend Amanda Wright who removed a skin cancer on her nose the same way last summer said "hang in there babe" so I did! 😁

Everyday for the last 10 days I took a photo of this wee mole changing colour losing its red hot immune reaction until finally today it looked like it had a crack around the edge...

I had been holding off getting it wet on Amanda's instructions but after a long day working in the rain I jumped in a well deserved spa tonight not even thinking about it and ITS GONE!

Where there was once a little mutant mole there is now a tidy hole. NO 'c' not even a little bit. I will have a blood test to double check but I bet its not in my blood stream either.


If I get another itchy mole I will definitely do it again and I hope this blog might help others too. There are risks of course and please do your own research. Its not appropriate for every spot, big areas or deep well established cancers and it is best done right away when a mole is small and on the surface.

Get a yearly molemap! Its my Xmas ptesent to myself every year. They are worth it! I have over 30 moles on watch. My Welsh/English/Irish family are prone to skin cancer. My grandfather died of it and my Uncle has stage 4 melanoma, my Mum and Dad have had multiple skin cancer surgeries. I am well aware of my risks so I live on the Anti-cancer diet, avoid the full sun and wear Earths Kitchen organic sunscreen everyday.

I supported my body with tumeric, organic carrot, lemon, ginger and beetroot juice and green juices and smoothies throughout this process.

The fact that this happened the week that I launched The Anti-Cancer Diet guide and made a video about it on the memorial seat at Palm Beach for my friend who died of cancer is not lost on me!

Every day we have on earth is precious. Our bodies are fragile things we need to support them to thrive as best as we can 💖

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For further information regarding Black Salve visit Black Salve Research NZ



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