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I know it might seem like the ‘latest thing’ but detoxing is no fad diet. In fact humans have been detoxing for thousands of years. it was natural part of our lives to have periods of little or no food and just water or just fruit or just vegetables. We didn’t eat 3 meals a day plus snacks and drinks and our digestive systems had time to empty out between meals rather than always being packed full from top to bottom. Finely processed grains and sugars didn’t exist and we certainly didn’t have preservatives, additives and colouring in our food. Everything was organic and our organic fruits were packed high with Salvestrols to protect the fruit from disease and they in turn protected our bodies from disease. Plant medicine was widely used to rebalance the body and fight illness, We lived in harmony with nature like most other animal species still do.

Fast forward a couple of thousand years and the standard Western diet of highly acidic coffee in the morning, refined grains and sugars, pastas, hormone and antibiotic laden meats, saturated fats from dairy and cheese and it’s no wonder there is such high incidence of diabetes, cancer, gut issues, psoriasis and so on the list could fill the entire page!

It is no wonder that our bodies are so congested that our lymph, blood and digestive systems are in a constant state of toxic overload and our organs are full of toxin laden fat deposits. Most people are carrying around at least 4kg of waste at any given time. And then there is the stored fat carried on the liver, abdomen and thighs often up to 60kg or more.

No wonder we feel exhausted, suffer from chronic fatigue, chrohns and more and need more and more coffee and sugar to get us through the day! Stored toxins in the gallbladder, kidneys, liver and breasts turn into tumours and without clear systems to eradicate them or natural salvestrols in the diet to disable cancer cells things go horribly wrong and by then it is often too late.
However there is hope! With a clear knowledge of how the bodies systems work  and how you can help cleanse the detoxification pathways and regular detoxing you can live a long and healthy life! This is the good news, the bad news is you can’t eat your way out illness you may actually have to stop eating for short periods of time to actually pull the toxins out and clear your gut. You also have to face your congested waste system and use regular colonics and enemas to flush it out and I also highly recommend an overnight Liver Flush (see my separate blog on this). I thought I was healthy and I got 300 stones out!  How many do you think you might have?

So where to start? There are different levels of detoxing at the top the fastest way to get toxins out of your body is dry fasting. Yep nada, nothing at all goes in and you can use a steam sauna and enemas to get the wastes out. You can do anything from a regular overnight dry fast to a 24hr dry fast or as you get more experienced you can go for longer. In a dry fast state ‘dirty water’ is lost from cells to be replaced by ‘clean water’ afterwards. This is then called a water fast. So you might dry fast for 24 hrs then water fast for 24hrs or 48 hrs and so on. If you are trying this for the first time I would recommend no longer than 24 hrs. It is quite simply the fastest way to cell rejuvenation. This sounds really extreme I know but remember how Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights people have been doing this for thousands of years! However maybe it’s best tried after some of the other easier detoxing techniques listed below.

Second on the list for most powerful detoxing would be fasting with herb teas. Using kidney and liver cleansing teas like Milk Thistle, dandelion , burdock, parsely and nettle to gently release toxins from your organs. In addition to this Master Fasters use dark grape juice high in Salvestrols to clean up their cells and a mix of activated charcoal, bentonite clay and psyllium husk to literally pull the toxins out of the gut. This mix is then flushed out by daily enemas along with parasites, old food deposits and eventually the thick often rubber like mucosal lining of the intestines. Sounds hard core right? Believe it or not it is relatively easy. I did it for 3 weeks and didn’t’ waste away or even miss food that much. I felt lighter, clearer and had a few days of tasting chemicals and heavy metals in my mouth as well. People commonly Master Fast for 21, 40 or 108 days and thousands of people have healed their health problems this way. At Revolution we offer a Deep Clean Detox which is similar to the Master Fast but includes a green smoothie and stewed fruit component so you essentially eat 3 meals a day. Check it out in our shop DEEP CLEAN DETOX
So moving down the line if all of the above seems a bit extreme for you. Next up would be juice fasting, buying your own organic fruit and veges and splitting the cell wall through juicing or buying a JUICE DETOX through our online store. This makes the nutrients more bioavailable and readily absorbed into your blood stream. This gives your digestive system a rest and an opportunity to clear out the solid matter stuck in the gut wall. I would usually add in a green smoothie with psyllium husk and bentonite clay for extra pull as it travels through the gut.  Or a raw apple crumble made from rehydrated apple pulp which acts like a brush to gently cleanse all of the hair like villi that move your food through your intestines. These little villi are often blocked up by gluten from bread and pasta and can’t move freely enough to move your food through creating a sluggish constipated one lump a day kinda gut. In reality our number twos should be soft and regular and once or twice a day.

With any detox I would also recommend taking coconut kefir or other live probiotics to reinvigorate and balance the internal gut flora. Kefir is particularly good as it rebalances candida which is often in a state of overgrowth due to high sugar diets. In a study in 2011 out 90% of cancer patients tested had candida overgrowth. Getting  your gut health right affects your overall body. As it is in the gut where we produce hormones, serotonin and absorb all of our nutrients. If the gut wall is compromised by stuck villi and rotting food more food molecules end up undigested in the blood stream causing leaky gut syndrome, chrohns and food allergies. Get your gut right and everything will follow. Juice detoxing has been known to cure people of cancer and organic carrots which use betacarotene to disable cancer cells and green juices high in Chloropyhll has been proven the most effective to use for this.

So for those of you who are still convinced you will starve to death on a juice detox  and need real food to get through the day. The next best option would be an organic juice, smoothie and raw food detox. Starting with a shot of kefir you might follow with a gut cleansing raw apple crumble for breakfast, followed by a high nutrient organic green juice for morning tea. For lunch a raw falafel salad followed by a green smoothie. A detox tea and some nuts n seeds for afternoon tea and a tofu and sprouts salad for dinner followed by a chia pudding high in soluble fibre for dessert. Now you won’t starve on that! In fact eating like this for a short period of time often leads to eating like this for a long period of time. Your gut works better, you gain more energy from higher nutrient food, your skin and hair improve, you shed unneeded weight and your cravings change. Instead of salt and sugar you crave fresh greens and fruit. check out our SPRING DETOX DIET 
In fact a pure organic fruit diet is recommended as one of the best diets for those suffering from cancer. The fruit moves easily through the digestive system and the salvestrols in the fruit attack the proteins in the cancer cells. Dr Morse is a great person to research regarding a pure fruit diet.. 
Here is an interview with professor Don Burke about the healing power of salvestrols in the fight against cancer SALVESTROL VIDEO 
You will notice the above diet contains, no fats, dairy, meat or processed foods. It is important to think about how the body processes fat and where it ends up and where toxins such as preservatives, colouring and all those little numbers go. Basically from the stomach they get sent to the gall bladder which is your first filter and then to your liver. They try and take all the bad shit out first before sending the fats onto other parts of your body for storage. So your gall bladder and liver end up literally littered with tiny fat and toxin deposits known as gallstones. If you do an overnight Liver Flush you will see them all. Hundreds of them in all shades of green, brown and blue full of cholesterol crystals. Believe me after you do a liver flush you will never wants to eat fats or additives ever again! Here is a link to The Gallstone and Liver  Flush I also suggest your read Andrea Moritz book The Liver and Gallbladder cleanse Miracle Cure available at most bookstores and libraries for a deep knowledge of the process or visit my blog on Liver Flushing on this website.
So the next best detox diet is probably vegan as with the absence of animal products you miss out on all the artificial hormones and animal fats they contain. Cow’s milk is a high fat, high nutrient lactose laden liquid designed for baby cows not humans. It literally creates huge amounts of mucus in the body clogging up all your systems. In 1996 I had an 11cm ovarian cyst which grew because the coating on my ovaries was so thick with calcium laden mucus. Eliminate dairy and many health problems may disappear Excema, asthma, chrohns are all created by too much dairy.

The problem with many vegan diets though is just because they are being nice to the animals vegans tend to overindulge in high fat, deep fried coconut fat laden vegan junk food. Some live on hot chips and diet coke or lollies laden with colouring. Those kinda vegans are pasty, low energy and malnourished. So if you are going to be vegan you need to be a high nutrient, organic, gluten and sugar free one. You may need to take a B12 supplement or use brewers yeast and marmite to get your b vitamins, you will need some good organic protein like sprouts, organic broccoli, tofu, nuts and seeds,and  nut milks. Don’t gorge yourself on coconut cream and raw desserts or you will clog up your organs with fat. Avoid heavily processed meat alternatives like seitan and vege sausages they are often laden with gluten and additives. Do a juice fast every once in a while, take live probiotics and fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi. Avoid kombucha it has too many trace sugars remaining it really only works when it tastes like vinegar.

Next down the line would be a vegetarian diet where you avoid meats but still eat eggs and dairy. I would still avoid cow’s milk and use alternatives like almond or rice milk if possible and keep cheeses to a minimum. Try coconut yoghurt instead of cow’s milk yoghurt and eat organic where possible. Consider being gluten and pasta free and avoid white starches like potatoes and white rice and replace with  pumpkin and sweet potato instead. The liver processes white starches like sugar so they just get stored on the abdomen. Eat alot of veges and steam or bake rather than fry. Try juice fasting for a day once a month or replacing one meal a day with a smoothie or juice.

Sooo if all of this it too hard and you and your husband like your meat you could try an organic paleo diet or the cave man diet in this diet you mainly eat veges, nuts, fruits and seeds but also organic meat and high nutrient soups and stews like bone broth. In my opinion poorly chewed and undigested meat gets stuck in the gut so a regular colonic alongside this diet would help you avoid colon cancer. This diet is free of grains however seeds like quinoa are acceptable. Like a cave man try to eat what’s fresh and on your doorstep, greens from your own garden or local fruit and veges and meats.

Sooo if all this is just too hard and you like your chocolate and your roasts and cheese n crackers and wine and coffee and the rest there is still hope! Think of your body like a car that needs a regular service to unblock your filter and waste systems. A regular detox every six months or so can help keep you on track to avoid illness. One of my clients goes to a yoga retreat every six months where they provide endless fresh juices and a sauna and steam room. The rest of the year they eat what they want but this regular detox ensures their systems get a break and a cleanse every once in a while. Doing an overnight Liver Flush once a year can also make a huge difference and help you to avoid a fatty liver and gallstones. Simple cheats like Apple cider vinegar in the morning or lemon water can create an alkaline rather than an acidic environment in the body making it far more difficult for bacteria, viruses and cancer to thrive. Simply growing your own veges or eating organic fruit and veges from local farmers markets can also protect you from so many illnesses.

A final option is 'Intermittent Fasting' you eat what you want but stop at 7pm at night and don't eat again until at least 7am in the morning so its a 12 hour 'fast'. Some people may go from 6pm to 8am for 14hours or even 6pm to 10am for 16 hours. In an intermittent fast the body is given time when it is not processing food to completely empty your waste ststem, rejuvenate your organs and clear out dead and diseased cells. Some people may do this every day or 2 days a week or once a month. A 24hr fast once a month is also an option.
So to detox or not to detox? Choose your level and just do it you will never look back. Your life will be changed immeasurably by it and you will likely end up feeling and looking younger with more energy and living for longer!
Check out our products available on our website for our range of detoxes and detox kits, recipes, juices and Elixirs and be sure to visit us on beautiful Waiheke island at the Juice Revolution food trailer!
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