How I cured clinical depression with juicing!

It's hard to believe but 7 years ago I was overweight, clinically depressed and suicidal. I literally had no energy and couldn't get out of bed, my life was bleak, my exhusband and I were drowning in debt, we hated each other. I had had 3 pregnancies back to back and lost the second one to miscarriage. I had two toddlers and no energy from constant sleep deprivation and unhealthy eating habits. Then one terrifying night it all came to a head and my marriage was over. My life as I had known it was gone, I was broke, homeless and felt like I had nothing to live for apart from my two kids who I felt constantly overwhelmed trying to care for.

Fast forward 7 years and I am ecstatically happy with my life, business and kids, I am healthier than ever, have more energy, am in great physical condition and even have different coloured eyes, complexion and hair.

How the hell did I do it?
At first I went to the doctor who asked me a bunch of leading questions one of which was "do you feel like you have anything to look forward to?" The answer was a clear "no". She referred me a counsellor and we began to unknot the issues. Around this time I lost a school friend to cancer and for the first time I felt "that could have been me" we had led parallel lives and I knew I had consumed as many toxins over the years as her. I decided to give juicing a go. I bought a second hand juicer from an op shop and began to juice anything and everything I could find. My weight started to drop my brain started to clear and my energy started to lift.

Me after 12 months of juicing and raw food.

I saw a film called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead which underlined how juicing can heal the body and I started to make their 'Reboot Juice' everyday. My eyes cleared, my energy lifted even more.


My eyes clearing from brown to green!

I read Victoria Boutenko's book Green your Life and began to grow and eat organic greens for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I discovered that 95% of Seratonin is produced in the gut and chlorophyll is an important part of this process.

I gave up wheat, pasta, bread and white rice and started to make and eat fermented foods like Coconut water kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut and kimichi. I watched That Sugar film and gave up sugar, potatoes, white rice and other starches that the body processes like white sugar. 

I kept juicing and began to do 1 - 3 day juice fasts and drink lemon water before breakfast. I started a Green Juice delivery business and drove all over the island while my kids were at school spreading the word about green juicing.

I did yoga and went on big bush and beach walks with my kids.
I borrowed a trestle table and bought a few more second hand juicers and began to sell juice at the Saturday market.

Every single day I would have at least one juice or smoothie. I began to swap meals out for smoothies or juices instead. I gave up dairy and all animal products.
My counsellor helped me gain the self confidence to write a business proposal and apply for a business grant from the government. My kids were happier and healthier amd we enjoyed our time together much more.

I bought a food trailer and began to work 5 days a week while my kids were at school and at the Saturday market on weekends. I began to take the juice trailer to music festivals too.

I developed an Anti-Cancer menu and began to sell organic vegan food as well as juices and smoothies.

I began to write and speak about my experience and gave a talk called Edible Light at Waitalks on Waiheke Island. About the healing power of Chlorophyll and how it boosts seratonin production in the gut.

I now juice fast at least one day a week and drink at least 1-2 juices everyday. I have developed a huge range which include things like fresh tumeric which is anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory or combinations which help your liver, kidneys and lymph system. I studied Food as Medicine by correspondance and also herbalism and began to make my own range of herbal Elixirs to support the body.

I have now also introduced intermittent fasting to help my body detox overnight and Deep Clean fasting detoxes which helps pull chemicals and heavy metals and mucosal build up from your system. I recently engaged in a series of Liver flushes which have lifted my energy levels even more. The sluggish inertia and constant exhaustion is gone! I literally look and feel 10 years younger and have energy to work and play 7 days a week.

I adore my kids and the challlenges of parenting and focus on fun outdoor activities outside of school/work time which helps keep them depression free and healthy too. We limit screen time and have wifi free days.
I have even got to the point in my business where we can now afford to go to Fiji in midwinter every year to chase away the winter blues and I live on fresh coconuts while I'm away🌴

I now have double the energy I had when I started. My body is strong, flexible and I have had no trace of depression for over 5 years. I am certain juicing, plus diet changes, counselling and exercise have cured me. I am happy to offer professional guidance to those who would like to cure their depression too.

Check out my website for coaching sessions, our juice and smoothie recipes. 1 to 5 day juice and Raw Food detoxes, info on the Deep Clean Detox and my other blogs on Edible Light, Liver Flushing and Detoxing.


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