Have you heard about LIVER FLUSHING?

What is Liver Flushing? How does it help your body? Is it dangerous and how often should you do it?

In this blog I answer these questions and more and share my own personal experience with my own Liver Flush.

Firstly its important to understand how the liver and gallbladder work and how Liver Flushing can help your liver and gallbladder work better. Your liver is your bodies largest filter organ. Its job is to take the broken down components of your food and send them to the different parts of your body that needs them.

Essentially the Liver is a filter for your blood. It might take an amino acid and send it to your muscles or a protein and send it to your hair follicles. Sometimes it will find something 'foreign' like a chemical from a pesticide or a plastic trace from a food product and it will simply 'store' this molecule by wrapping it in a coating of fat. This might be stored in the liver itself or sent to fatty tissue around the liver or in the breasts, buttocks, thighs etc These stored toxins lay in wait until the fats are used by the body in which case they may be re-released into the bloodstream or filtered out by another organ or they may affect cells around them turning into growths or tumours.

Over time these stored toxins in the liver become hardened stones comprised of toxins, fats, cholesteroI and minerals. They may travel down your bile ducts as the gallbladder is called on to release bile to help dissolve incoming fats to the stomach ending up in the gallbladder as 'gallstones'.

These hard stones can be extremely painful as they attempt to leave the gallbladder blocking the bile ducts. People can be scanned by ultrasound and gallstones can be seen often 3 -10 in the gallbladder at once. Non invasive Western Medical procedures such as laser surgery can be used to try and break down the stones or the standard procedure is to remove the gallbladder entirely. It is seen as an 'organ you can live without' and western medicine can provide you with a drug you can take daily to help you dissolve fats. Essentially 'bile in a bottle'.

The truth is by middle age on a standard western diet our livers become literally littered with toxin deposits or 'stones' hundreds if not thousands of them. A Liver Flush is a painless and safe way to rid your body of them and avoid surgery. Thousands of people worldwide have benefited from Liver Flushing. Results include clearer eyes, skin, and weight loss in the upper abdomen. Removal of gallstones, curing abdominal pain, improving skin conditions, migraines, energy levels, emotional blockages and digestive issues.

The Liver Flush was invented by medical doctor Dr Andreas Moritz author of the Miracle Liver and Gallbladder cleanse. I highly recommend reading his book for a more thorough understanding of how the liver and gallbladder function and how the flush helps improve this.
I was two weeks into a Deep Cleanse Detox (follow link to a description of this detox on this website) when I decided to do a Liver Flush. I had been tasting chemicals and heavy metals for 10 days and knew I had a reasonably high level of chemical contamination from years of processing photographic chemicals, working with mercury, amalgam fillings and a standard western diet up until 5 years ago at which point I had become raw vegan. At 47 years of age I knew I had a lot of accumulation in my gut and it followed that I would also have stuff stored in my liver. I decided to take the plunge and try the flush on a Saturday evening so I had Sunday to full recover.


The Liver Flush itself is a relatively quick and easy procedure conducted overnight and can have incredible results. However it is not without risk and preparation before and after is crucial as well as 6 week follow up flushes.

1. Firstly it is important to ingest 400 - 1000ml of Apple juice per day for at least 6 days leading up to the night you do the Liver Flush. This is because Apple juice contains pectin which soften Liver and Gallstones make it easier and less painful for them to exit your bile ducts and less likely to become stuck along the way.

2. Secondly you need to eat a low fat or no fat diet in the week preceding your flush. This is because every time you eat fats your gallbladder releases a small amount of bile. If no fats are consumed no bile is released and you get a build up of bile to use for the flush.

3. Thirdly I suggest juice fasting the day or two before your flush so your digestive system is not backed up processing solid food.

Once all of these steps have been followed on the day of the flush

4. Stop eating and drinking at 2pm

5. Prepare 4 x Tablespoons of medical grade Epsom salts in 750ml of warm water. Stir until dissolved then refrigerate.

6. Do an enema or colonic with warm water, massage abdomen when full of water and release, flush several times. I usually do 2 litres of water 3 times. A clear waste system including the small intestines ensures any stones will exit your system without obstruction.

7. Juice 2 x red grapefuit or oranges or lemons approx 150ml add to 150ml or organic cold pressed olive oil and store in a lidded jar outside of the fridge.

8. At 6pm drink 175ml of the Epsom Salt solution (skull then rinse mouth with fresh water)
The Epsom salts dilate your bile ducts making it easier for stones to pass. DO NOT miss this step.

9. At 8pm drink another 175ml of the Epsom Salt solution.
You may experience loose bowel movements after drinking this is normal.

9.45pm Go to toilet. Brush teeth and any other bedtime routine activities be ready to go to bed and stay in bed.

10pm Shake the jar of Olive Oil and Grapefruit juice well so it becomes creamy. Drink it in one go or at least within 15 minutes.

Go straight to bed. Lie propped up slightly on your right side with your knees pulled up to your chest.
DO NOT MOVE. Lie as still as possible for as long as possible take lots of deep belly breaths and imagine your liver and gallbladder relaxing and releasing. You should feel no pain bit may feel a gurgling feeling or gentle patter on your back as stones are released. Try to sleep in this position.

If you need to go to the toilet in the night expect fluid bowel movements. You may notice small .5cm - 1cm 'stones' floating on the surface of the toilet or small cholesterol crystals floating on the surface of the water.
Go back to bed, lie the same way.

6am drink another 175ml glass of Epsom Salt solution

7-8am Do an enema or colonic.
Really fill your abdomen up with warm water and massage your gallbladder, liver, small and large intestines before releasing into a sieve. You will likely see hundreds of small stones in all colours shapes and sizes have been released into your digestive system.

A selection of stones released on my first liver flush.

On my first flush I got 300 stones out! The colours ranged from turquoise, to bright green and brown. The colours depend on how old they are what they consist of fats, bile, bilrubin, chloresterol and toxins. it is not uncommon to get this amount or more.

8am Drink one final 175ml glass of Epsom salt solution. The last of the 750mls of diluted Epsom salts should be finished now.

Expect to have the 'runs' for the rest of the day and maybe the next as well. You may also experience a mild headache and some discomfort in the liver/gallbladdder area. You should not have any severe pain. Severe upper abdominal pain could be caused by a large stone stuck in a bile duct or small intestine. Massage, coffee enemas or colonic irrigation may help to release stuck stones. Continue to drink 400ml - 1litre of fresh apple juice for several days after this will keep any remaining stones soft and easier to release.

Eat light foods, apple, stewed apple, salad. Avoid fats for another 2-3 days and continue to eat a low fat diet into the future. Drink plenty of good water.

If you got more than 100 stones repeat this flush within 4 -6 weeks. If you get 100 or more repeat again in 4 -6 weeks and so on. Keep repeating until you get no stones out for 2 flushes. Some people get up to 2,000 out!

Note changes to your eyes (mine changed from brown to green) your body, and your emotions. You may need to go scream at the ocean to release suppressed emotions and anger released from the liver.

You may wish to follow the Liver Flush up with a long hot steam sauna a week or so later followed by a 24hr water fast for a lymphatic system flush.
You may also like to drink some blood cleansers like our DETOX ELIXIR or Detox tea with Nettle, Dandelion, Burdock and Milk Thistle.

Personally I found doing this flush life changing! I was blown away by how many toxic deposits I removed from my body painlessly in one night!

I repeated the flush 6 weeks later after some gallbladder discomfort and got another 31 stones out! I will likely repeat in another 6 weeks. Then again until I flush no stones at all. I love my new clear green eyes and after screaming at the ocean to release emotions in a safe way two days after the flush I feel like I no longer carry old hurts and anger 😊

Me with my clear green eyes which used to be mottled brown...

If you would like to be personally guided through this process or discuss it before or after I offer online HEALTH COACHING for $75NZD p/h and can also make you a PERSONALISED DETOX DIET plan to follow before or after your flush for $120NZD

Please note: There are risks associated with Liver Flushing - do your own research, talk to your doctor before doing if you have pre-exisiting medical conditions. If you start the Liver flushing process you will likely need to repeat several times at 6 -8 week intervals before you release all your stones. Stones can block biles ducts and small intestines, for this reason consuming the required amount of apple juice before and after the flush is important as is doing colonics and enemas before and after the flush.I highly recommend purchasing Dr Moritz book 'The Miracle Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse' to gain a deeper understanding of the process. All information in this blog is provided in good faith from personal experience however everyone is different and results may vary.

Disclaimer: Juice Revolution accepts no risk for people undertaking Liver Flushing after reading this blog. 

I hope this information is helpful. Please like, share and comment below.


Lyndal Jefferies
Live Juice
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