by Lyndal Jefferies Juice Revolution founder.

The theme of the talks was Light and the title of Lyndal's talk was

My name is Lyndal Jefferies I am a long term resident on Waiheke Island and lived here for about 15 years.
I'm a bit of a jack of all trades and over the years, have been an artist, a writer, a curator, a mother, an intrepid traveller, a firedancer and most recently an entrepreneur.
However my entire life I have had a fascination with how the universe works and specifically my interest has been how energy and matter interact to create the wonder that is nature. I have studied art to MA level and have a degree in Cymatics the science of wave formation in matter, 

I've also studied buddhism and looked for the answers within. I have sat in wonderment in some of the most stunning places in the world wondering just how this whole amazing thing called earth exists.
The most important question for me has become “How can we as spiritual beings in physical bodies live an optimum life here”.
This whole journey of mine has been a journey into the light, into a place of deep knowing, clarity, transparency and energy however it is also a journey grounded in something very real.

I am grateful to Waitalks for the opportunity to put down in words my thoughts about light and the crucial role it plays in my life and I hope I may also inspire you in your journey.
I think everyone has turning points in their lives, moments where everything changes all of a sudden all the pieces are in the air and you have to put it all back together again so it works more positively for you.
2011 was that year for me. My marriage fell apart I was left with two young children and no income or assets and then I lost one of my oldest friends to cancer.

My friend Minka Firth a classmate who was talented, beautiful and strong but couldn't beat breast cancer age 40. I really thought that strong people like her would be able to beat it and I realised having a strong character would not protect me either. I began to research ways I could protect myself from cancer and help others too.
So I went on a detox and travelled to Mexico, there I met the current Toltec Spiritual leader who told me I was a medicine woman.

I travelled to Cuba and learnt about socialism, organic gardening and revolutionary ways of life.

I began to see how I could bring all of my interests together to help myself, my family and others. I began to understand many aspects of universal law.
So now you have a bit of my back story I’m going to tell you what I know about light and how this information has helped change my life.
So what is light? Essentially light is energy and natural light is quite simply the reflected energy of the sun. The Sun is 150 million km away. Light photons travel at a speed of 300,000 km p/h to hit objects all around us. This light is reflected back into our eyes so that we can 'see' the world around us. 

Light particles or 'photons' travel in waves and the speed or frequency of these waves determine the colours we see. 
If we all take a moment and close our eyes and really look we can see these tiny pinpricks of light and if we look even harder we can see how they travel energetically in small pulsating waves. Take a moment to see if you can see what I mean....
Can you see how the patterns on the surface of my sculptures, the patterns you see inside your eyelids and these patterns here are all similar? They are  all part of the electromagnetic spectrum and what we see as visible light is only 1% of it! 
So here's where it gets interesting the higher the frequency of light the more energy it contains so gamma rays travel at 10/12 Hz and can kill you in a split second however radio waves travel at 10/3hz and can do no harm to you at all.
The question is how much electromagnetic radiation are we exposed to everyday and how does this affect us on a cellular level?
We are simply part of a huge biomass which is constantly affected by energy transference in every moment. Whether it’s one cell sending oxygen to another which originally came from a plant expelling it or cell phone radiation from taking another call. 

Japanese scientist Masuru Emoto conducted an amazing series of experiments where he exposed water to the energy of music, words and thoughts and then froze it to see how the molecular structure was affected, the results were astounding - beautiful symmetrical crystals in response to the word Love and Thankyou, hideous deformed crystals in response to the word hate. We are 70% water how does the energy we get from those around us, from television, movies, harsh words and kind gestures affect us? 
But back to the topic of light. If the sun is the single purest form of light we have, the energy source from which all life on earth has grown, how can we use the suns energy for our betterment and ultimately for our survival as a species? 
In 14 and a half seconds the sun provides as much energy to earth as humans need in a day. Surely its time to rethink our relationship to the sun’s energy and how we can use it to help our everyday lives. Solar power is an obvious answer here and toxic batteries aside it’s a great idea but how can we use sunlight as the perfect food for our human bodies and how can we use this perfect source to fight against the damage wrought on our bodies by man-made electromagnetic radiation, chemicals and toxins. 
The answer is one very extremely clever little cell whose name is Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has the incredible ability to absorb energy from photons of light and with the addition of carbon dioxide CO2 and pure water H20 with soluble nutrients it can not only produce oxygen which is essential to human life it also stores light energy for human and animal consumption. 

When we consume green plants and in particular live green plants we are eating natures highest food source we are eating stored light energy the perfect human energy source.
Research has shown that edible green plants are the ideal food for human consumption they provide the most bioavailable nutrients, proteins, minerals and trace elements of any food source.
Chorophyll cells are exactly the same as red blood cells with magnesium instead of Iron at their core. Magnesium makes the body alkaline, in an alkaline environment cancer, bacteria and viruses can’t grow!

In her book Green for Life Victoria Boutenko looks at the diets of our closest animal cousins the chimpanzee whose diet is mainly leafy greens and suggests that this too should be our natural diet, basically when we left the cave we would eat whatever was right in front of us that wouldn't kill us the answer is green leafy plants. We are by nature grazers, occasional carnivores, collectors of nuts and seeds and fruit when is season but our staple diet was greens.
Consuming live organic greens whether raw, juiced or in a smoothie is a way of literally harvesting the sun's energy in your own body whilst gaining oxygen or anti-oxidents as they are commonly called. 
Chorophyll has been shown to be responsible for multiple biochemical activities in the body including the production of seratonin, hormonal balance, antibacterial and antiviral properties. Plants literally carry a life force within them, put a leaf under a microscope and watch the energy chug around after 5 hours watch it slowly stop. 

Dr David Servan-Schrieber in his film Anti-cancer a new way of life shows that Live Kale juice will literally kill cancer cells in a petri dish and has also shown that exposure to sunshine or vitamin d is essential for good health. I have now heard multiple stories of people who have been able to aid their recovery from Cancer with green juicing and the Gerson institute specialises in this.
So how has all of this information helped me in my own journey into the light?
44 years in I've already seen classmates taken by the big C my family is literally riddled with it, the stats are 1 in 4 of us will get it. After losing Minka I started a juice detox, I lost weight and gained energy and was able to give up my meds.
 I brought some second hand juicers borrowed a trestle table and set up at the Waiheke market. I planted gardens, gave away seeds and got people to bring me their local organic greens to trade for juice and raw food. I did a Winz business course and got a grant to buy a juice trailer. I designed a logo to embrace all of these ideas and got my kids to wear the tshirt.

This is me 6 years ago see how much I have changed!
I use the best local organic produce I can find and believe eating or juicing live plants which are still actively producing oxygen is the optimum way to get the benefits of chlorophyll. I know you can buy it powdered and distilled but it’s a poor cousin to live energetic plant.
Everyday I try to help others through my business and I try to make the best product possible.
These days succeeding in life for me is not about money, houses or career success it’s about living the longest, healthiest, happiest life possible, it’s about creating a sustainable ethical way of life and business that is focused on helping others whilst remaining stress free. It’s about creating good loving energy around myself, my family, my business and my friends, it’s about self love, self care and having enough time to enjoy life. This is how I live in the light and try to shine my light on the world.
Thankyou for allowing me to share my journey with you and don't forget to eat your greens!


Lyndal Jefferies
Juice Revolution

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