Chemical and heavy metal detoxing explained

In our modern world we are exposed to and ingest a huge amount of chemicals and metals. These can be found in our food in the form of ground contaminants, pesticides and additives and from fish that we eat that may be contaminated with mercury. In our air via pollution from fossil fuels and industry. In our medicines via vaccines and from medical procedures and dentistry where amalgam has been used as fillings or metal implants used in the body.

The accumulation of chemicals and heavy metals in the body can cause a host of health problems. Our liver accumulate toxins and form deposits which affect liver function and present as gallstones. Chemical contamination can lead to cancer of the blood Leukemia and of the the lymph Lymphoma. Toxins can also be stored in fatty cells in the breasts and accumulate in lower parts of the body such as the testes, ovaries and prostrate presenting as tumours. Chemical and heavy metal contamination can also cause lethargy, brain fog, eczema, psoriasis and migraine headaches.

It can be hard to limit chemical and heavy metal exposure. However eating organic food, drinking good quality water and avoiding exposure to chemicals by wearing masks when using paints and cleaning products can help. Some people choose to have amalgam fillings removed and avoid getting them put in by choosing ceramic alternatives.

Nevertheless most humans living in a modern world will have a degree of chemical and heavy metal exposure. There are several ways we can detox our bodies to help reduce our chemical and heavy metal load. One is by drinking 'detoxing herbs'. I recommend an organic herbal tea which contains dandelion, burdock and milk thistle. We include these in our Detox Elixer which also has organic dark grape juice which is very high in the antioxidant resveratrol.
These herbs help to tonify the liver and kidneys which are our major filter organs. 

Bentonite and/or Zeolite clay can be added to smoothies, soups and desserts to pull chemicals and heavy metals from our bodies. These clays have a negative ionic charge which works like a magnet to pull heavy metals from the body. It is recommended to engage in at least a 7 day protocol to slowly go through this process as metals must move from cell to cell toward the gut to finally be released. Daily enemas as recommended with this process for fast removal of any chemicals/metals before they can be reabsorbed. As chemicals and heavy metals are pulled from the body people can experience 'detox symptoms' like tasting chemicals and heavy metals in their mouth, headaches and nausea.
Binders can be used to help alleviate detox systems. Adding psyllium husk to smoothies, soups and detox meals can help capture contaminants and allow them to be expelled with ease. Activated charcoal helps to absorb toxins and remove them from the body and Chlorella and Green juices can also help detoxify exit pathways. Drinking plenty of water, up to 2 litres a day is also crucial during this process.
Image:  Activated Charcoal
In my personal experience with chemical and heavy metal detoxing. I engaged in a 'Master Fast' 3 years ago where I followed the very strict protocol of Italian health guru Luigi Gino di Serio. His controversial system requires his followers to eat a 'black pudding' mix of bentonite, charcoal and psyllium husk three times a day whilst drinking a detox tea and organic dark grape juice. Daily enemas are also required. I had been experiencing severe migraine headaches for over 6 months and this was a last ditch effort on my part to try and heal them. I didn't find it particularly difficult to follow the process or to not eat real food. After 3 days I began to strongly taste 'photography chemicals' in my mouth. I recognised the taste and smell from my high school and art school days some 20 years earlier! where i had spent many hours unmasked in darkrooms hand processing photographs. These chemicals had likely been stored in my nasal and throat cells since that time! I continued the process and on day 5 and 6 I started to taste a heavy metal taste in my mouth which felt like it had a ball of tinfoil in it. I had all of the amalgam removed from my teeth 10 years before however some was obviously still lingering in my system. On the 7th day of my fast I decided to do a Liver Flush ( see my blog on this Have you heard about Liver Flushing) this my first Liver Flush, was incredibly productive I released over 300 stones and my eyes changed from brown to green overnight. this for me was a pinnacle health moment I felt from then on everything changed and my whole body worked better, my energy levels lifted, my migraines subsided and I reverse aged, looking younger and feeling healthier than ever before. I then continued the Master Fast for another 2 weeks a total of 21 days at which point I slowly returned to normal clean eating starting with juices and smoothies.

However I don't feel that everyone needs to do such an extreme detox unless they feel it is something they want to engage in. At Revolution Juice we offer a much milder and more palatable Deep Clean Detox which has 3 'meals' a day which contain the necessary components for chemical and heavy metal detoxing as well as a Detox Elixer containing all of the detox herbs.
The 'meals' include a stewed apple breakfast, green smoothies, soups and desserts all cleverly designed to include the detoxing components whist tasting great and leaving you feeling full. We also sell a Detox KIt which includes all of the components to create your own Deep Clean Detox at home.
Our resident 'Revolutionary Health Coach' Lyndal Jefferies suggests doing a Deep clean Detox at least once a year and to also add diatomaceous earth to the mix as an anti parasitic component. Lyndal is able to provide guidance and make a specific plan for clients who wish to do a guided detox. For those interested in taking further steps such a juice detoxing, parasite cleansing and Liver Flushing there are detailed blogs on our website and our products and services can be purchased there.
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